We Finally Know What The Batsymbol On The New Batsuit Is! | THE BATMAN 2021 New Easter Egg Breakdown

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We Finally Know What The Batsymbol On The New Batsuit Is | THE BATMAN 2021 EASTER EGGS. We break down the Batsuit Batsymbol chestpiece and what it's made out of. Hopefully this tides you over until we get the Batman 2021 Trailer from Matt Reeves.

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So this week we saw the hero that started off in AC from DC being Back in Black and the clip quickly broke the internet. Nobody knows what it is but we love superhero costumes and that got me thinking back to one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Matt Reeve's upcoming film.

What is the Batsymbol on the new batsuit made out of?

Though it's been over five months now since the first reveal, people still have no idea and there's more questions surrounding it than Jim Carrey's Riddler costume.

Fear not though as we think we've finally figured it out and can now successfully say what it is.

Throughout this video we're gonna be discussing what the chest piece is made out of and why the two main theories are wrong. If you enjoy this video then don't forget to smash the thumbs up button and make sure you subscribe to the channel for videos like this every day.

With that out the way, welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I'm your host Deffinition now let's get into what the Batsymbol really is.

What The Batsymbol Really Is

Ok so this was first brought to my attention by Simon Waddell who I've been talking back and forth with over the last couple of months. Simon was the guy that first spotted that the pouches on Batman's belt were actually 9mm clips and from this we drew the conclusion that his batarang could be a repurposed handgun.

Simon runs a twitter account called BigBatTheory which I've linked below in the description if you wanna follow him and keep up to date with all that he's up to. I couldn't have done this video without him so definitely show the guy some love.

Now as for the Batsymbol there have been two fan theories that have predominantly been floating around online.

The first one states that the Batsymbol has been reforged from the gun that uwas used to kill his parents. It's actually something that's already popped up in Batman Mythos before but since it's reveal, no one has been able to nail down the make and model or what it's even used for.

That leads us into the next theory which is that it's a Batarang.

Though this is a pretty cool idea, when you look at the chest piece itself there is clearly a big gap running down the middle of it. So batman would have to take it off, clip it together and then throw it. If the piece was loose then there's a chance that it would fall off, there's no way to really hold these things together securely with the angle that the handles are at and it just seems so big and clunky that using it would be a knightmare actually hit off someones head.

You start to wonder why not just use one piece if that's the case and clearly the darts that he already has on his wrists would be much better for what he intends to do.

So it doesn't really seem like either of these are true and we can pretty much put these theories on ice.

But what is it instead? Well we can now confirm that the piece is actually made out of a Karambit.

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