What if Idlib falls to Assad? I Inside Story

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Babies and children are dying of cold in Syria's Idlib and their suffering has been described by the UN as the the largest humanitarian horror story of the 21st Century.
It says nearly 900,000 civilians have left since the beginning of December.
The Syrian government offensive to capture Idlib has created the biggest single civilian displacement during the nine-year war.
Despite that, the Syrian President has announced he'll press on with the operation.
Idlib is the last-remaining rebel stronghold and the only de-escalation zone that remains out of his control.
Syrian regime forces are making advances on the ground and that push has put more pressure on those being displaced.
Turkey backs some of the rebels in the province and is not allowing Syrian refugees to cross its border, saying it can't handle the influx.
So, with Turkey and Russia involved, how will this fight play out across the region ?
And why does Idlib matter ?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie

Mehmet Celik, Managing Editor at the Daily Sabah newspaper.
Mohanad Hage Ali, Fellow and Director of Communication at the Carnegie Middle East Center.
Pavel Felgenhauer, Defence Analyst and Columnist at the Novaya Gazeta newspaper.

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