Who is Image Comics' Titan? Invincible's Stone-Cold Kingpin

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This video explores the abilities, powers, and origin of the Image Comics character "Titan." From his murky past as a petty troublemaker, using the superpowers of his rock-like form to pull off capers around town, gaining the attention and trust of the villainous Machine Head and the ire of heroic Invincible as he gained more notoriety in the big city underworld, tricking Invincible and by default the Guardians of the Globe into helping him take down Machine Head so that he could then secretly take control of his empire, to a short stint working for The Order and then returning to openly build his new empire; Let's take a look at this shifty Image Comics supervillain, and the powerful amalgam of The Thing and Kingpin. This includes a short, canon character biography and my own opinionated "Sage Rating," which I use to give ratings of comic book and science fiction characters.

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