【YUU】Crime and Punishment / 罪と罰【VOCALOIDカバー】

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Heavy su//cide content warning for the original song. The lyrics and interpretations here have been edited to minimize the focus but most other translations and interpretations are way more blunt and to the point.

I'd always interpreted the song as being about feeling that your love is being wasted on someone who doesn't have the capacity to care or return it, and thus deciding to put an end to those feelings and turn them into hatred instead―thus "killing" the person you were before, revoking those feelings they'd come to take for granted, and finding power in no longer being dependent on whether or not they feel anything for you. That has been reflected here.

That being said, if you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or undergoing a mental health a crisis, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline () or text the Crisis Text Line () for immediate support.

.... And with //that// being said, young folks specifically please do not take this song as advice for dealing with your partner or crush―like on the one hand, if your partner really is not reciprocating your feelings or putting any amount of emotional labor into your relationship (but still requires it from you), that's Definitely Not Great and it might be time to sit down and have a long conversation with them or turn to your friends and loved ones for support . . . . and on another hand if it turns out that you actively a r e dealing with a toxic or abusive relationship, there can certainly be some healing in eventually reclaiming and revoking your own feelings . . .

But on the other other hand, if your crush doesn't notice you, please do not dedicate your energy to hating them in hopes that that will make them notice you because that's just unhealthy bad vibes all around sdkjfghldskjfg

ANYHOW . . . . . . . with all that out of the way h o o

You can see why I was on the fence as to whether or not to go through with this cover w

So!! Beginner VOCALOID fan Mio's very first Deco*27 song!! A song they'd been wanting to cover since before they even made their very first UTAU!! And also a WIP that has been sitting around for god knows how long and I figured I might as well finish now than never because it was the only thing I could motivate myself to do with enough momentum that I knew it would get done no matter what!!

Let me just say that the signature early Deco*27 Miku vocals combined with the blasting rock chorus backings easily slid this song into young Mio's top 10 VOCALOID songs list (along with a certain relevance to IRL feelings and OC story things), and it basically never left once it got there w. Young Mio at one point even tried to create a fan PV featuring their OCs, but unfortunately the file was lost in the tragic Laptop Repair Episode Of 2011.

Believe it or not, I actually had this cover―like I said―sitting around half tuned for months (essentially just basic pitch-snapped vocals and a couple of harmony tracks), and then in one sitting managed to finish tuning it, put together a mix, and exported the final mastered product, complete with fancy file names and everything.

Which, in all, was under 24 hours.

A,,,,,,shocking, unprecedented record for me, given that I'm someone who typically takes about a week //minimum// to finish mixing something (which I haven't done since the Stickybug cover w) and only managed to get WIL's cover done in 3 days when I was working at maximum efficiency w

I don't know whether to blame the fact that younger Mio had been wanting to cover this song from the day they heard it and realized it //could// be covered, or the fact that literally one of the biggest requests I get nowadays is people asking when I'm going to use YUU w

(i have used him!! twice!! but he didn't get a fancy cover design in either of them so i guess people just forget those usages exist w)

But!! Either way!! I am!! excited and delighted to see this finished!! Especially alongside the other two covers!! I feel like it's probably one of the cleanest and most enticing cover arts I've done so far, and I'm super proud of how the mixing and tuning turned out!!

(Also, I feel like the very real obsession I had with HAJI*P's hand-drawn PV back in the day definitely shines through on this video―and it wouldn't be a vintage Deco*27 PV if it didn't have scissors and inverted colors, would it w??)

But!! That aside!! I am very quickly running out of space!! I'm glad I got to finish this project and I hope that you'll enjoy it too!! Happy ZOLA anniversary ! ! !

KYO's Cover:
WIL's Cover:

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